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Storm of Magic: With the New Challenges Game Mode into 2014!

An updated version is now available on the App Store ...


Moscow —January 22, 2014—Shamrock Games, an eminent mobile games developer in Russia, today announced the release of an updated version of its popular strategy game “Storm of Magic” for iPhone and iPad. Storm of Magic is an exciting story about the glorious kingdom of Londerol, with amazing landscapes and a miraculous tower defense experience in the fantasy world filled with magnificent tower and magic spells.


What’s new in this updated version?


  • Meet the new Challenges game mode! It consists of short sessions of entertaining puzzle tasks. Each section includes 21 tasks. There are 8 types of tasks to give the gameplay some variety. Try it out right now!

  • Now in Campaign mode you have the unique opportunity of completing all missions on “Hell” difficulty. It would be very interesting for those of you who have already fully or almost fully upgraded their towers and magic spells or are premium towers fans. Who dares wins!

  • On the map in Campaign mode, you’ll be offered an updated interface that helps you quickly increase your character’s rang, check a list of achievements, upgrade your towers and magic spells, access top players and friends ratings, visit the premium towers store and complete daily tasks (they will be added in the next update!).

  • A new achievements system with its own top players rating is a great occasion to compete with friends and other players in unlocking any achievement. Achievements are divided into 3 difficulty levels. Everyone will enjoy it!


Update now!


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January 22, 2014